About Us

Our goal is simple.

  We're on a mission to simplify your acquisition process.

Area of Operation

Strategically situated in central Europe,

we have a unique understanding of your operating environment. Top management is always available for face-to-face communication and site visits. Able to respond within Poland in 24 hrs, surrounding countries in 72 hrs.
Executed Awards
USDOD, NATO, and Commercial
Partner Subcontractors
Broad Spectrum Portfolio
Our Team
Staffed and managed by former USSOCOM, USACE and DOD contract personnel, ensuring insight into your technical and operational requirements. This, combined with highly trained experts in operations, law, logistics and contract management, creates a one-of-a-kind operation on the European Market.
Management Approach
Military-style execution - standardized primary, alternate, contingency and emergency (PACE) communication channels and procedures as well as a quick reaction management team on standby during critical operations. All operations are conducted with safety as the highest priority.


Systems Integration
Full-spectrum project and contract management abilities. Systems integration method of execution eliminates your need to coordinate operations through multiple vendors. Our network of support subcontractors and partners is DOD-approved and currently operational on multiple government contracts.
Multi-source, Multi-country Procurement
Simplify your acquisition process by contacting one POC for rapidly deployable packages of supplies and services. Mission essential tools and equipment that meet military specifications at a competitive local source price advantage.
Mission Comprehension
Streamline your communications. We understand your technical specifications and how to fulfill them. We break through language and cultural barriers resulting in expedited mission success for the United States Warfighter within the European Theater.
Presolicitation Support
Receive available market recommendations and precisely define your specifications prior to solicitation.